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Greater Boston and South Shore In Home Therapist

Compassionate Support for Children and Families

Hi there, my name is Dahyana (read: Diana) Schlosser CPRP, M.Ed. I am a Child and Family Therapist specializing in the support of biological, foster, and adoptive children and their families. 

Dahyana Schlosser, M.Ed. In Home Therapist


About Me:

 I have provided mental health services to a myriad of patient populations for seven years. My approach to therapy is a holistic and comprehensive one. While the focus of medical interventions is often on the child experiencing the emotional and behavioral difficulties, I work with the family as a whole. I take the factors that contribute to your family and your child’s uniqueness into consideration while simultaneously harnessing your strengths to be catalysts towards the change you desire. Through my services, not only will I help your family understand how you can support your child, I will also provide each family member with the space necessary to identify and navigate their own feelings, stress, and contributions to the larger family dynamic.

My therapeutic interventions are centered upon the principals of attachment theory. I always take into account and bring into the light for all to see the inherent and developed skills that each member of the family brings to the dynamic. Together, we build on these strengths and find ways that they compliment weaknesses on the individual or larger family systems level.

Through my interactions with members and systems within the "village"  responsible for the health and well being of the child(ren), I aim to create a cohesion that provides the stability necessary for the creation and implementation of long lasting therapeutic interventions.  

 In my spare time, I enjoy blogging about existential subject matters, practicing Yoga, getting lost in another person's imagination through a great book, and spending time with my husband and our toddler aged son. 

  Education and Background

  • Boston College: BA Psychology.
  • Cambridge College: M.Ed. Mental Health Counseling.
  • United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association: Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP)
  • Verified By: Psychology Today

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