Helping Children and their Families to Overcome Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges.

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Covid 19 Updates

I am committed to doing my part to help ease the effects of this pandemic on children and families. I've transitioned my therapeutic practice to tele-therapy and it's been a wonderful experience thus far! If you have questions about what this could look like for your family please feel free to call me at (508) 342-5518.

Therapy to You provides provides Individual Child Therapy and Family Therapy among other various supports  to children and their families in Greater Boston and on the South Shore. Children experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges explore these challenges, gain necessary tools, and insights through the mediums of Play Therapy, Art, Music, and Nature. Each child is provided with a safe and developmentally appropriate space to work through their challenges.

As a child therapist, Dahyana Schlosser, M.Ed. is committed to helping children and adolescents to navigate their behavioral health challenges in a way that highlights their strengths, resilience, and empowers them to evoke positive change in their lives.


Through Therapy To You's In Home Therapeutic Model,  parents are able to find the support and guidance that they need to help their child be successful. Available to parents and caregivers are a myriad of services including consultation, coaching, intensive case management, family therapy, and sibling therapy.

All of these serve to empower parents and caregivers so that they feel confident, and well equipped with the tools that they need to generate effective, and lasting change in their families.

There are many benefits in using an In Home Therapist including but not limited to convenience, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Click here to learn more.



Click here to learn more about the In Home Therapy Services offered by Therapy To You.

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