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ABCs of Behavior Cover

How Understanding the ABCs of Behavior Can Help You to Understand Your Child Better

The ABCs of Behavior refers to more than just a crash course on behavior in general. Specifically, it reflects three distinct stages of behavior. Taking a closer look at each stage is helpful as we figure out ways to support healthy behavior in children.

Here is what the ABCs of Behavior stand for:

Antecedent- The event or activity that comes immediately before the problem behavior. This is often referred to as the trigger.

Behavior-  The observed behavior.

Consequence- The consequence or what happens immediately after the behavior.

This Scenario explained by the University of Kansas breaks down ABCs of behavior beautifully.

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Reset Button parenting and supporting a behaviorally challenged child

Why You Should Hit the Reset Button: Parenting and Supporting a Behaviorally Challenged Child

Parenting and supporting a behaviorally challenged child can make the already complex and daunting journey of parenthood feel that much more difficult. We all want what is best for our children. So, when they are engaging in behaviors that make things harder for them, and for us, we tend to zero in on this behavior. We want it to change. So that they can learn in school. So that they will have more positive interactions and relationships with others. Also, we want our own lives to be as minimally complicated as possible.

Furthermore, receiving phone calls from teachers multiple times a week is undoubtedly anxiety provoking. Moreover, if the behaviors are happening predominately in the home, figuring out what to do can be that much more complicated.

As a result, it is super easy for us to focus on these behaviors. Parents try to do everything in their power to change them. This may include talking with the child about their behaviors often. Or, finding suitable and appropriate consequences. There is also a tendency to keep track, in order to recount to others what exactly occurred.  If it gets disruptive enough parents will often seek the help of a therapist.

Today, I want to talk about how we approach those behavioral issues.  Because, how we conceptualize these behaviors, and our response to them all play a role in what happens as a result. In my work with parents, I often find that their actions and ways of thinking about their child’s behaviors are actually counterproductive to their goal of getting the behaviors to stop. This is usully not due to any deliberate actions on the parent’s part. Usually, it is simply because parenting and supporting a behaviorally challenged child is hard.

Sad boy parenting and supporting a behaviorally challenged child

Lets talk about it.

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Nothing is Real: Part 1 Wrap Up: Art and Consciousness

Nothing says Nothing is Real quite like the relationship between art and consciousness. As I’ve explored Perspective, Perception, and the human experience of suffering, art has always been my anchor. Really, that’s  because of the many concepts surrounding art. Specifically, it’s because the creation of art as well as the experience generated by the creation for both the creator and the observer are all are rooted in the idea that something came from nothing. If it were not created, it would not be real.

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Childhood Depression Cover

Nothing is Real: Perspective Perception & Childhood Depression

Childhood depression is often overlooked or misunderstood by parents and caregivers. This is because it does not always look like what it does in adults. In adults, you can usually tell if a person is depressed through the observation of their behaviors. Other times, a depressed adult just tells you. However, children, especially those who have not reached those developmental milestones which allow them to effectively commmuniate complex feelings, tend to show their depression more than they vocalize it.

Childhood depression

Symptoms of Childhood Depression

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Ultimate Anxiety Relief Tool Kit

How to: Create Your Very Own Ultimate Anxiety Relief Tool Kit

To those who struggle with anxiety the creation of a personalized Ultimate Anxiety Relief Tool Kit can make a world of a difference. These kits place relief at your finger tips wherever you may be.

When put together in a thoughtful way, they have the ability to help a person stay in control of their anxious symptoms. Your kit can be a small bag that you keep in your purse, or backpack. It can also be a box. Really, it can be whatever you want it to be. The point is to keep all of the parts together in an easily accessible space.

You can make multiple versions of your Ultimate Anxiety Relief Tool Kit and keep them in special places like your desk at work, your car, or anywhere else you frequent.

In order to make your Ultimate Anxiety Relief Tool Kit, you will need to make sure you have something to engage each of your senses.

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A Seat At the Table: Part 2 Self Esteem and Maturity

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Shared decision making

A Seat At the Table: How To Strategically Use Shared Decision Making To Empower Your Child, Foster Maturity, and Decrease Emotional Oubursts

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Emotional Intelligence

The Role of Caregivers in the Development of Emotional Intelligence in Children

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