Benefits of In Home Therapy

Providing in home therapy services in and around Boston, as well as the South Shore

There are many benefits of in home therapy. Here are some things that most families appreciate about this model of care: 

  • Comfort: Services take place within your own home, in a familiar setting, and with minimal disruption to your normal routines.
  • Convenience: In-home therapy saves you both time and money by eliminating the trip to and from an office and the typical wait time for your appointment.
  • Insight: Being in your home will give me more insight into your world, and more insight means more opportunities to help you navigate your child’s behavioral health needs.
  • Meeting you where you are: Sometimes getting out of the house can be tough. Having someone come to you can help alleviate some of the stresses of having to make the leap of going to see a therapeutic provider.
  • More resources and creativity: Direct observation of the details of your home environment will allow us to identify elements that are already in place that may lend themselves to therapeutic interventions.
  • More time available to you: Another example of the benefits of in home therapy is that we are not restricted to the usual structure of time-limited therapy and can work around your family’s schedule. From having a conversation while you cook dinner for your loved ones to meeting with the child/children while the parents/caregivers unwind after a day of work. Ultimately we can mold your therapeutic time in so many different ways!
  • Privacy: Your home is your private space, and the healing work of therapy fits right into that narrative. In home therapeutic services are discreet by nature. 

Why Therapy to You...

  • Consistency in provider: With agency-based therapeutic services, families often have to deal with turnover in providers, interns, and other personnel which often lead to inconsistencies in therapeutic interventions.
  • Ability to form deep interpersonal connections: Ultimately I am here to partner with and walk alongside you on this journey as you strive for peace, healing, and a better quality of life for your family. You are more than just your child’s emotional and behavioral issues and in-home therapy allows me to learn all of your story.
  • No insurance oversight: Direct payment gives us control over how and when we go about our work together and allows for the flexibility necessary for true therapeutic change to occur. Furthermore, there is no need to create an on-record diagnosis for your child or family. When working with insurances, Therapists are forced to put in a diagnosis in order to be reimbursed for the services that they provide you. These diagnoses become a part of your permanent health record. In some instances, denial for things such as life insurance, or other benefits may be the result of having certain diagnoses in your record. 

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