Observation and Parent Coaching


Parent Coaching and Observation are two distinct services which serve to help empower the parents or caregivers to support their child. During observation sessions, parent coaching occurs intermittently, though that is not the main purpose. See below for more information. 


These sessions occur in two, four, or six hour time blocks and will allow me to have extensive insight into your lives to identify even more resources for success. I can provide in the moment coaching and suggestions, as well as invaluable insights as an outside observer. These sessions should occur on a typical day and is not meant to be one where you feel confined to the home – I will go wherever you go.

  • Two Hours: $160.00
  • Four Hours: $320.00
  • Six Hours:  $480.00 


Many parents appreciate a little extra guidance and support to help them navigate the journey of parenthood. Parent Coaching is not therapy but an available, as-needed way for parents to learn new skills and strategies, set effective goals and receive guidance and emotional support during their child’s therapeutic process. Coaching services encompass a holistic approach for parents integrating time management and positive parenting strategies, stress-reduction and relaxation techniques, self-care, and inspiration. Together we may decide during coaching sessions that a referral to address deeper issues you may be struggling with, via individual therapy sessions, may be a more appropriate choice.

  • $150.00 per session

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