Child Therapy

Although we cannot always control how our children experience the world around them, we can provide them with the skills and tools that they need in order to experience the world with resilience, self-confidence, and control. Together we will work to establish a vision for your child, strengthen goals, and achieve positive outcomes through one-on-one sessions.

The foundation of my therapeutic work with children is the relationship which is built in a thoughtful and intentional way with the input of the child being the most important aspect of the process.  This format allows for a focus on your child’s specific needs.

These sessions will take your child’s learning styles, readiness to engage in therapy, likes, dislikes, strengths, and challenges into account as we consider ways to improve their overall functionality and quality of life.  I incorporate elements of Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Music, Yoga, Nature, and other traditional forms of therapy in my work with children and adolescents. 

As an In Home Therapist, a large part of my time spent in your home will be with your child. Part of the time will also be spent with the larger family.  I also ask for parents to be available for 10-15 minutes prior to my session with the child for a quick conversation about how things are going, tying up loose ends, and scheduling future appointments.  

  • $150.00 Per Session

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