School Mental Health Consultant

I want to help children to be successful in your school

Having a School Mental Health Consultant as part of your team can make a world of a difference in the lives of your students and their families.

Let's take this scenario for example: A child comes to school and says something to a teacher or to another student about wanting to hurt themselves in some way shape or form. As a school administrator you make sure to practice due diligence and call the parents to ask them to take their child to be evaluated in the ER. The parents, worried, and baffled, take their child to the ER, only to have them evaluated by the crisis clinician and deemed to not be a danger to themselves or others. They are then sent back home, without any additional resources and they are back in school the next day with a letter of clearance. Sound familiar?

The truth is, many schools are having difficulty navigating the complexities that arise with regard to child and adolescent mental health in the school environment. Because of the lack of mental health professionals on staff, schools are often not well equipped to help children and their families to navigate these complexities successfully. As a school mental health consultant I aim to bridge that gap and provide assistance to schools so that they can rest assured that their students are given the best chances to succeed academically, socially, and mentally.

As a  school mental health consultant, I help schools and parents to navigate issues pertaining to:

  • Suicidal Ideation/Self Harm
  • Anxiety
  • School Refusal
  • Depression
  • Behavioral Issues:
  • Oppositional Behaviors
  • ADHD
  • Sexualized Behaviors
  • And many more...

In assisting with these issues, I will gather information from school officials, talk with parents/caregivers to gather helpful information, make referrals to appropriate services, and liaise with other professionals in the community in order to translate interventions into simple and practical classroom interventions and accommodations.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, please don't hesitate to reach out via telephone or email.

Don't forget to ask about my Professional Development Series! These are trainings that are aimed at helping your faculty to become more equipped with the necessary tools to help your struggling students. Some topics are: Effective responses to Mental Health Crisis in Students, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Behavioral Issues, Oppositional Behaviors, and more.

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